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28 July 2016 @ 12:11 pm
Ah, finished with my essay!

I started up sketching again recently and decided to work on a few pencil drawings!

It was pretty fun! I forgot how theraputic it was to actually draw in my own style! I especially enjoyed drawing the mouth on the second one. This actually left me thinking for a bit... maybe it is okay to stay in my comfort zone? I mean, I don't really sell much and going on random tangents don't get me anywhere, so maybe it is about time I actually just settle on portraits? I enjoy doing them the most, because they feel natural and being able to focus on one dense area, versus and entire enviroment is nice. Yeah... I think I'll draw a few more on here and see how it feels.

On a personal note, the essay is finished! I felt so bad about missing the last one, so, I wanted to work really hard on this one. Unfortunately, the directions were still confusing to me... so I was still lost... but oh well!

With the revival of portraits, I am going to try to get back into a writing and even better - fashion! Lol, I just need to get a really good plot for my IR babies. I might even try a few comic strips.

Speaking of comics, Moonchild is coming along nicely!!! I think I finally made a decision on the style... which will be a bit of a secret lol. I decided to change the format also, but it will be a lot more risky!

Ah, I think that most of the stuff I wanted to talk about! I will post more laters~
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