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26 June 2016 @ 09:21 am
Reflection: Suzuki Kanon [1/3]  



Suzuki Kanon [1/3]
Ah, it feels good to not worry about size limits!
Anyway, this is my first of 3 portraits for this season. After the third I will probably take a break for a few months then come back to drawing!
Suzuki Kanon was surprisingly fun. For the first time in... ever, really, I took on a full fledge project that took time and effort. I'm sure for most people this is just something they can do in their sleep, especially considering the mistakes, but I actually felt like I accomplished something. I feel like I understand art a lot more, just by working on this piece. I don't consider this done, and I've decided that I will work on my portraits even after I publish them, because there is always work to be done. So I will eventually revisit this.
What I found the most interesting about this process... were the things that happened in my life as I worked on it. It felt like... a time marker. I released a lot of emotions, learned new things, traveled-- just everything has changed as I worked on this. I've never really experienced that before, and I am really excited to work on Haruka with this knowledge. Even just looking at my entries here from the time I started this, a lot has changed. I finally really understand the purpose of art and the importance of the process. While everyone has their own methods, I finally learned that time isn't of the essence. That just because you finish something more quickly, does not give you merit.  Time, blood, sweat and tears make a piece, not ease. I am happy with this piece for now and for once... I am actually excited to try a new one. While I moaned and groaned through the process, I don't feel exhausted. I don't feel like I've been released from a pair of claws... it just feels like another step.