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12 June 2016 @ 10:24 am
Why I love Marin so much!  

Miyamoto Marin, whose name is hilariously close to Miyamoto Karin.

Noa is my absolute favorite of Idol Renaissance, if not my favorite of all current idols, but Marin has a piece of my heart that I'll never let go of. I don't know if I should start with her being a foodie or her adorable personality. Let's start with foodie, because there is an interesting point with that.


Marin is a foodie and eats non-stop. She is always nibbling on something. What I appreciate is that she has no inhibitions but is surprisingly poise. She considers her eating habit a charming point, which I just love. Their youtube account actually has compilations of her eating different foods from everywhere.


Now, someone who eats a lot has to get a little cushion, right? Despite considering herself chubby, Marin has a can-do attitude about it.

From Girlpop Magazine:

She has a healthy attitude about her image, which I appreciate when it comes to idols.


If you don't know what Tsukkomi is, let me introduce you to Marin. While Marin is cute as sin, and can be really funny, she has a very tsukkomi personality. Tsukkomi and boke are the archtypes of comedy duos. Where one is loose and silly (boke) and the other is serious and cutt thoat (tsukkomi). If you watch their Showrooms, you'll notice that Maina is really into cats and Nanako is into other animals, when the girls start doing impressions, Marin is pretty stone faced and rolls her eyes for most of the show. While it sounds rude, in action it is just purely adorable and makes the jokes a bit funnier.


All that being said, do not disregard the cuteness of Marin. She is a beautiful girl with a wide range of expressions and a pure heart. When she is excited, she tranforms from a bored princess to an excited chipmunk. On stage, she is the weakest in both singing and dancing, but she makes up for it in the tension of her performance. She jumps the highest and yells the loudest to get the crowd pumped and ready for an amazing performance. Her MCs are always cute and watching her during a performance is like watching a flower bloom.


Marin is cute and charistmatic, so I love Marin.

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