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12 June 2016 @ 10:00 am
Idol Renaissance (アイドルネッサンス) + All Idol Songs (AIS)  
For a while now, I have been meaning to do an idol ranking, but for now, just know that I love Idol Renaissance.

Just yesterday the two new members of the group were introduced: Nomoto Yumeka and Harada Suzuka. I've been following the cadets for a while, so I am really excited to see these two since they both did an amazing job at their first concert. Suzuka opened Good Day Sunshine with an amazing voice, though I believe Haruka was just as good. Yumeka kept together the harmonies that were falling apart, so she definitely deserved to be accepted.

Th truly exciting news is... ALL IDOL SONGS! Up until now, Idol Renaissance has been pretty alone with Sony being the only idol group created by Sony. That being said, a sister group has been created and is being lead by Miyamoto Marin. It is adorable, because it seems like Marin and her little ducklings. Marin is the perfect candidate since she is one of the younger members of Idol Renaissance, and she could do with a little more practice. With members like Noa, or Riko, the girls would be overwhelmed and with Nanako or Maina, their emotions would be a bit of an issue (one being a crybaby and the other being anti-social). I am in love with this unit already. The name is perfect, the girls are perfect and Marin is one of my favorites (right after Noa). These girls will be focusing on newer songs (21st century) ! The members are: Kurihara Mayu, Sekizawa Tomoka, Isomae Sera, Asakuma Moe, Shimazaki Yuria, Hashimoto Rena, Tokuhisa Haruka and Miyamoto Marin (Idol Renaissance). More information is to be released.

Amongst the cadets, Haruka, Suzuka and Yumeka were clearly the best, so I was curious why Haruka was rejected. Though it is obvious that one good singer needed to be able to back up the other members along with Marin, it is interesting that she was the one chosen for it.